Degenerative Disk Disease Treatment

Degenerative Disk Disease

For some patients suffering from a diagnosed case of degenerative disk disease, back pain seems a permanent fixture in their life. Even prolonged sitting or standing seems to make the pain worse. This disrupts you as you attempt to carry on with your daily activities, due to the compression of the intevertebral disks along your spinal column

Common treatments of Degenerative Disk Disease

When diagnosed with degenerative disk disease, doctors present you with a range of treatment options. Conservative treatments include series of exercises, or physical therapy, or supporting your posture with a back brace.


Other treatments involve finding ways to stop the pain, without truly solving the problem. This includes medications—or even steroid injections—to decrease inflammation for pain along the spine. While these options provide pain relief, they do little to target the actual source of the pain—like turning off a blaring fire alarm in your home without finding where the actual fire is.


In the worst cases, patients with degenerative disk disease undergo surgery, and are forced to endure the long recovery process.

Jason Souza’s Treatment Approach

At our clinic, Jason Souza’s muscle alignment therapy provides another option for those suffering from degenerative disk disease. With years of experience and successes, Jason has determined that in the majority of cases, a diagnosed case of “degenerative disk disease” is not actually attributed to the loss of the spinal tissues, but to the compression of them.


When a specialist pulls up a diagram of your spinal column, they acknowledge that your spinal disks are thin, and attribute this to disk degeneration. However, oftentimes, the disks only appear thinner because they are being squeezed by surrounding muscles.


This is a case of what we refer to as “False Degenerative Disc Disease”. By relaxing these atrophied muscles, you allow your body to naturally right itself, releasing the pressure on the bulging disc, and consequently alleviating the pain.

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At our clinic, we are always pleased to help patients correct these back problems, helping them avoiding surgery and return to their daily life.