Souzing®️ muscle therapy

What Is Souzing®️?

“Souzing®️” is our brand of deep tissue massage and muscle alignment developed by Jason Souza which relaxes the muscle fibers, allowing you to carry on with your daily activities without being constantly restricted by pains and mobility limitations.


In a typical Souzing®️ session, the patient begins lying down on their back while Jason assesses if one side of your body is tenser than the other. He then begins breaking apart the muscle adhesions using strong fingertip and hand techniques on the key muscle areas of the patient’s body. While this may sound like a refreshing massage, this process of loosening your muscle fibers is often uncomfortable, but leads to lasting results, increases in mobility, and relief.


Souzing®️ focuses on treating the root cause of your pain, not merely symptoms.  Often, Jason detects that the problem muscle area is in a completely different place from where the patients report their pain.

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The Deeper Mechanics Behind Souzing®️ muscle therapy

Muscles act in pairs, much like the reins of a horse: when one side contracts to perform a movement, the other side must relax to allow this movement. If this does not happen, the contracting side must put forth more effort to perform the same movement.


Excessive contraction of the muscle fibers prevents the distribution of key nutrients (like oxygen and glucose) to reach the calcium pump of your muscle cells. The calcium pump’s job is to remove calcium ions from your cell’s sarcoplasm. If it isn’t functioning properly, the ions stay in the fibers. This means your muscle fiber will not return to its relaxed state, and will remain in a permanent state of contraction.


Over time, more fibers in the region will be affected, leaving the muscle stiff. The result of this is a reduction in muscle size, leading to its shortening or atrophy.


If one muscle shortens, that of course affects corresponding muscle groups. The permanently contracted muscle forces strain onto others. Relaxing the initial knot then, rather than the pained region, allows the body to naturally right itself again.


By using Souzing®️ therapy on the problem muscle group, Jason Souza breaks apart the muscle adhesions, allowing nutrients to return to your cells’ calcium pumps. Once the calcium pumps are up and running again, they remove the calcium ions from the sarcoplasm and put them back in the sarcolemma, allowing your muscles to finally relax.

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Moving Forward

Ready to find the relief you need? Jason Souza would love to help you discover the root cause behind your body’s aches and pains. Schedule an appointment to start feeling better.