Muscle Pain Treatment Process

Assessing Your Pains

Whether you are suffering from sciatic pain, joint pain, lower back pain, or any other type of muscle-related issues, Jason Souza will evaluate the location and severity of your pain. Jason then discusses any pre-existing conditions or problems with your muscles, including accidents, surgeries, and chronic conditions.

Determining the Source

Strangely enough, though you may feel muscle pain in one area, the problem creating that pain is most likely in another area of your body entirely. For example, lower back pain can often be contributed to the knotting of muscles between the shoulder blades—which consequently pulls on the corresponding muscles that affect your lower back. Based on your personal situation, Jason will assess all potential sources of your specific pain.

Receiving Treatment

With his renowned Souzing®️ muscle therapy, Souza uses his fingertips to work the problem areas of muscle. While it may sound similar to a massage, this treatment is not meant to relax; it is designed to break apart muscle adhesions, allowing oxygen into the cells, and removing calcium ions from your muscle fibers.

Additional Sessions

Jason Souza’s typical patient requires only 3–6 treatment sessions. A minimum of three sessions is critical to the success of the treatment, because each session targets a different area of the muscle. The first treatment session works on the most superficial layer, with each subsequent visit focusing on deeper muscle levels.

Taking Charge of Your Life

Once your muscle problems are sorted out, Jason recommends further treatment you may need: chiropractor work, emotional therapy, etc. The goal of our clinic is to provide an increased quality of life to each patient, and we love when the moment comes when we can confidently send you on your way, having given you the life-changing relief you sorely needed.

Improve your quality of life. Get the relief you need from your muscle-caused pains.