About Jason Souza

A Special Gift To Understand Muscles

Souza has studied in many different areas to understand how the body works, including anatomy, acupuncture, do-in, Shiatsu, Zen-Shiatsu, chiropractic, and more. Despite his studies, his gift at muscle realignment is something that he says he was born with.


The first time Jason used his unique skill of relaxing the muscle fibers was in Portugal while serving an LDS mission. One of his mission friends had been tormented by chronic headaches for months. One day, Jason, desperate to help in some way, began massaging his friend’s neck. Within a half hour, his friend was relieved of his headache, and Jason was startled that his simple “massage” had had such dramatic results.


Souza continued for six years to develop and perfect his technique by offering his services free of charge while studying anatomy. Now, he is happy to share this life-changing treatment in his professional clinic, providing relief to those with all types of muscle problems.

relieving muscle and joint pain

Helping Patients Far and Wide

Jason began his professional journey offering specialized muscle treatments back in his native Brazil, where he had a thriving clinic and taught his Souzing®️ muscle therapy on a university level. In 2001, he moved to the United States to be in closer proximity to his three sons, who were attending UVSC. He opened a clinic in Utah valley.

Jason loves serving the people of Utah at his Orem clinic. He knows that there are many people who live in pain who benefit from his simple treatment process.