Souzing®️ muscle therapy

Relaxing Muscle Fibers

Souzing®️ doesn’t directly target the muscles of the pained area, but muscles that are creating that pain, helping you find relief.

Years of Experience

Jason Souza, our clinic’s founder, has been working treating muscle problems for over 34 years, and has treated 5000+ patients in the United States alone.

Valuing All Fields

Our clinic supports our fellow medical practitioners, including physicians, chiropractors, emotional therapists, and more.

Many of Jason’s patients come to him looking for a solution that will help them avoid surgery.


Jason treats these varieties of pains to help his patients have more options beforehand,

and ultimately enjoy a higher quality of life.

Rear view of a young man with back pain

False Degenerative Disk Disease

When intervertebral discs compact, oftentimes the cause is your muscles pulling them together.

Umbosacral radiculitis

Sciatic Pain

Often patients with hip problems can attribute their pain to tightness in the muscle fibers.

Doctor examining her patients wrist

Joint Pain

Whether it’s tennis elbow, golf elbow, or knee pain, The Souzing®️ Technique can help relax your distressed muscle tissues.


Years Experience


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