“When I heard about this technique for the first time, I thought it was baloney but … oh how it worked! My husband is an M.D. and I’m a med tech so we go the traditional route. I wish somehow I could break into the medical community and tell them about Jason. He’s more than a massage therapist.”

-Angel Busath, Professor of Biology at UVSC


“I specialize in putting my emotional tension into my muscles. He always knows what to work on. You can run, but you can’t hide from Jason. He’ll find what’s wrong with you.”

-Diane Child

“It’s definitely like it says, he does have magic fingers. These last few days have felt so good.”

-Jermi Eaton


“It’s different for everyone, but for me, my muscles were out of whack. I’m a believer now because I got so much relief.”

-Anne Spongberg


“I expected temporary relief, but I found lasting relief . . . I don’t wake up in pain, I can sleep through the night and sit in my chair at work and at school. It took two weeks to realign my body and give me relief. What a difference after five years of other treatments. It feels like he’s adjusting your muscle, putting your body back into harmony.”

-Wendy Carter

“I have played professional golf since 1977. I played 25 years on PGA Tour, and the last two years on the Champions Tour. In that time, I have seen numerous massage therapists, chiropractors, and medical doctors. I can tell you from my own experience that no one I have seen is doing what Jason Souza is doing. His technique for helping the muscles to work in the proper way, and his ability to get to the real cause of pain is unique. I know of no one who is doing what he is doing. I had a “tennis elbow” that suffered with for years. Every doctor I saw told me that an operation was inevitable. I went to see Jason Souza as a last resort, and in few months, with regular visits I was able to play golf without a brace on my arm, and pain-free!”

-Mike Reid

Doctor examining her patients wrist

“I am 43 years old and was medically retired from the United State Air Force in 1997 after only 10 and a half years of service. Unfortunately it was discovered my second year of service that I had a degenerative disk disease that caused my disks to break down. From 1987 to 2005 I have undergone 23 surgical procedures to try and stabilize my condition. I have seen doctors in Washington, Texas, Utah, California, Florida, Mexico and Canada in order to try and find someone who could stop to progression of the spinal disease that was slowly spreading through my spine. The result of 23 surgeries on my back is that I have massive amounts of scarring and nerve damage that has left me in chronic pain. I have had a pain clinic implant a spinal cord stimulator into my body that sends a signal to overload my nervous system and block the pain signals to my lower body. This procedure has reduced my pain level by 30%. To help in the control of the rest of my pain I take morphine sulphate. These steps only help mask my pain; they do not lower my pain level. Last September I heard about Jason Souza from my brother. Willing to try anything, I agreed to undertake his services. The results can only be described as dramatic and immediate. I have gone to physical therapy hundreds of time, tried chiropractic therapy and muscle therapy more times than I can remember, and none of these can even be compared to what Jason Souza has done for me. His manipulation of the muscles and breaking of the fibrous band that have formed has allowed my body to heal itself. I have limped for 19 years and my stride was shortened by pain of walking. I now walk with very little pain; I have lowered my dose of morphine sulphate, and use my spinal cord stimulator only as needed when I over-exert myself. I have referred my closest relatives and friends to him for treatment. Those who know me and have seen the difference in my physical condition, all credit Jason Souza with a miracle. Miracle or not, he has made a dramatic difference in my quality of life.”

-Roger C. Prete